Areas of Expertise

Compelling Technologies has experience in a wide breadth of areas. Listed below are a few. 

System Design

Designing a system is easier said than done. It is easy to lose track that simplicity and addressing the common case should drive design. Furthermore, selecting the proper hardware and software elements can be challenging, especially in today's cost conscious environment. Our experience in designing programs ranging from small projects to large systems can help in refining any design, regardless of size.

Integration and Test

While most people think this happens at the end, Integration and Test needs to be planned for from the beginning and certainly before the design is created. How else can you design it so that it will be easy to test? We have experience ensuring that this function is planned from the beginning, to make sure that problems such as unverifiable requirements do not occur. 

Software Development

Ensuring that software is implemented according to design is an essential activity. However, it can be complicated by the sheer size of complex systems or the need to use multiple design languages. These situations present unique challenges to the implementation and management team, since each has a distinct point of view. Our experience bridging the gaps will help ensure the design is implemented properly. 

Verification & Validation

Ensuring the system is designed to specifications seems straightforward, but do the specifications satisfy the needs of the system? Verification and Validation needs to ensure that designers, managers, customers, and testers all agree that the system meets its intended design. Ensuring everyone's perspectives are addressed can be complex to navigate. Our proven experience in this area can help avoid issues and manage expectations. 

Program Management

The most simple and complex of projects all require program management rigor. Nobody wants to burden small projects or risk mismanaging a large one. We have the experience with programs of all sizes and can help advise on the appropriate level of process and controls for the job.

Embedded Systems

Real-time embedded systems are needed to keep track of events as they occur and give users timely reports. However, they come with their own unique challenges given their need for tight timing synchronization and optimization for speed. Our experience will ensure that common mistakes are avoided and that the system will perform as designed. 

Distributed Systems

The days of developing a system in isolation are over. Whether you need to distribute systems because of size, weight, and power requirements or to interface with established systems, our experience can help ensure the solution is robust, reliable, and scaled to the needs of the system. 

Network Technologies

Users expect the system to just work, but think about all the types of networks the systems need to operate in: copper, fiber, Ethernet, wireless, routers, switches, VLANs - and that is just a small portion of the list! Use our experience to ensure that the right approach is taken to balance cost, performance, redundancy, and compatibility. 


FPGAs and ASIC designs deliver tremendous performance for certain applications, but are typically much more costly to design. Knowing when and how to use these technologies is key to ensuring that the system will benefit from them. Our deep background will help you understand when you will see the largest benefit to using these.